What Do True Leaders Do FIRST?

Many years ago, Robert Redford, starred in a movie, The Candidate. The theme of the film was, the political voyage of an individual, who was a true, under – dog, who most believed, had little chance of winning, and the transformation, and eventual winning of his campaign, even though, he wasn’t really prepared for the position. The key, line, in this film, was when the character, immediately after his victory, turned to his principle aids, and asked, What do I do, now? We often consider and discuss, some of the characteristics and assets, quality leaders possess and need, but, this article will attempt, to briefly consider, examine, review, and discuss, using the mnemonic approach, what a true leader, must do, FIRST.

1. Focus; face facts; future; furnish; fruition: Everything must begin, with possessing the necessary focus, to face facts, in a relevant manner! How one looks to the future, and whether it is realistic, relevant, and sustainable, often, furnishes the basis, for bringing one’s plans, to a positive, fruition!2. Imagination; instill confidence; integrity: How can anyone be considered, a leader, unless/ until he instills confidence, in those he serves, and represents! This requires absolute integrity, combined with the self – confidence, discipline, and willingness/ ability, to proceed with a quality imagination, considering as many viable options, and alternatives, as possible!3. Relevant; responsive; recommendations: Begin by focusing on relevant, sustainable needs, and attempt to be, as responsive, as possible! A true leader must be willing, and able, to articulate quality recommendations, in the best interests of the group, and stakeholders!4. Service; system; sustainable solutions: How can anyone be considered, a leader, until/ unless, his primary focus, is on quality, meaningful, relevant service? He must consider options, create a plan, and develop, and implement, a realistic, easy – to – duplicate, system, focused on sustainable solutions!

5. Trends; timely: It’s not leading, if you refuse to expand the self – imposed limitations and restrictions, of your personal, comfort zone! Rather, a true leader, considers current trends, and determines, which might make the group stronger, more relevant and sustainable! He proceeds, forward, avoiding the simplistic temptation, to procrastinate, and moves ahead, in a well – considered, timely manner.True leadership must begin, somewhere, and, thus, someone must know, understand, and recognize, what he needs, to do, FIRST! Will you be willing, to take the personal responsibility, and take the first – steps, towards leading, in a quality, effective manner?